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    Hi - we've been alerted to a problem with the Sprint vending library that shipped with version 1.0.1s. It appears that once your subscription extends beyond 2005 (which will happen for each of you some time in December), the client no longer recognizes it as valid and locks you out of your content.

    This ONLY affects customers who purchased MobiTV from the Sprint vending machine and are running version 1.0.1s. If you are in this category, please install the attached file, SprintMRCLib.prc, which fixes the issue. Our customer support will be happy to provide this file as well. Thanks --
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    Speaking of v1.0.1s, has anyone else experienced lots of resets and stutters and spurts where it will buffer and play a split second of audio...then buffer, ad infinitum?

    Also, is there a way to check if there's an updated verision?

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