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    Ok, I know you need to install JPegLib.prc along with ZLauncher so it can use jpeg files for wallpaper. I did a hard reset today and looked at all the files on my Treo 650 after using the Info. option in the standard launcher's menu. I see there is a file called "JPEGLibrary" which is 76K. Is that the same thing as the JPegLib that comes with ZLauncher?

    Also in that same Info. screen, I see "Graffiti 2 Library" and it is 289K. How do I enable Graffiti 2? Whenever I go into Memo to write something or into Versamail or any program where I have to type something, I can't write anything on the screen. So how do I enable Graffiti 2?
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    Applications can make use of the Grafitti library to provide handwriting recognition within the app. It's most commonly used by add-ons like Grafitti Anywhere, which allows you to input text anywhere on the screen using Grafitti strokes.

    To be accurate, the Treo does support Grafitti (through this library), but it doesn't include the default input app provided on other Palms, like the Tungsten models, because instead of a dedicated Grafitti input area, the Treo has a keyboard.
    Graffiti Anywhere home page

    Graffiti Anywhere download

    Graffiti2 Chart

    Inside Graffiti2 (Great Article)

    Grafitti Anywhere uses the built in Grafitti2 library on the Treo. If you want to use the "old" Grafitti strokes (G1), you will need TealScript. You used to be able to copy the G1 libraries onto newer Palms, but it won't work on the Treo.
    Hope this helps
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    Ah thanks! Now anyone wanna tackle my JPegLib question?
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    No it is not the same file. the file JPEGLibrary is built-in. if u look at the file in zlaunchers file browser it should have a little ROM symbol next to it, highlight it and hit info
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    I know JPEGLibrary is in ROM. That's why it's still there after a hard reset. So what's the difference between ZLauncher's JPEGLib and JPEGLibrary? What is JPEGLibrary for then?
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    try a bit of searchin
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    Yeah, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't already do a search. When I search TC for JPEGLibrary, this is the only other thread that comes up besides this one:
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    well too bad to hell with yah
    im done!
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    Geeze you don't have to get steamed up. You're the one that suggested that I search first and so I did. Thanks for pointing me to the graffiti stuff anyway. Anyone else know more about this file: JPEGLibrary that's in the 650's ROM?
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    I bet it's used by the contacts app to show pictures for your contacts when you assign them, and possibly for picture caller ID when the phone rings from a contact you have a picture assigned to. Just a guess.
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