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    Afternoon All,

    OK I seem to have a problem with receiving MMS.

    Taking a photo from my 650 and MMS to myself.

    leaves the phone fine but when receiving after 2% come back with a network error and ends the connection.

    Every other function works fine.
    The sim works perfectly in another phone with MMS
    Other sims that work in other phones don't work
    Software is 1.13-row
    Network GPRS Vodafone Australia.
    BT works fine
    Internet works fine
    Treo support have replaced the phone under warranty but alas the same problem occurs

    The network settings have been checked re checked and checked again by both treo support and Vodafone support.

    Any assistance would be great,

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    My experience with MMS is like this: My service is T-Mobile and I called them up on how to enable MMS on my Treo. Because everytime I send an MMS message (with picture attached, it comes back as SMS text only, no pictures. TMo had to set some settings either on the phone provider side and/or my phone (I am not sure which as they sent an SMS message on my phone).

    After that, they had me test send a message, and it worked.

    It seems like you already went through this path.
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    If you're using TrafStat you might try disabling it, sometimes it can interfere, but it's usually around 98% that it fails for that.

    Can also try checking in the messaging prefs to make sure it's set to default, not a manual setup.

    Otherwise as mentioned, try your provider.

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