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    Good Day,

    Just got my 650 (Day 1) and was told by my provider to update to 1.17. I downloaded the software, and attempt to update but run into problems.

    Step 1 is a backup - no problems.
    Step 2 is the update - here it goes through the update process, but stops short saying that I need to plug in my power cord (Okay, or cancel). ..... Very strange! I select Okay to continue, and it takes me to the main menu (which is not where I should be). Then I try a Hot Sync and everything goes downhilll from there.

    I have tried this several times, and have removed the battery and reset the Palm. It just will not complete the update. This is very very disappointing for my day1 experience.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get this update to 1.17 to work?

    Many Thanks,
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    Issue Resolved. I assumed the request to attach to a power cord was an error. BUt in fact, that is required to get the update to occur.
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    Go figure!

    Enjoy your Treo!
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