I know... what seems like a simple question, and I'm embarrassed I can't seem to figure this out myself.

I have a Yahoo! Plus account and access web-based mail at the office and through my Treo 600 (Yahoo mobile site). I use Outlook Express at home to pull and sync Yahoo mail.

I decided to give Y! Mail a try on the Treo because it's a faster interface, and I was hoping it would have HTML email support (it doesn't, btw).

Since installing Y! Mail on the Treo, I can no longer get my Yahoo mail through Outlook Express ("An unknown error has occured"). Has anyone run into this before?

If I can't figure it out, I'd like to uninstall Y!Mail. I was the first person in my city to own a Treo 600 and I've used it ever since without actually having to uninstall anything (lucky me, I guess). When I search the forums here for "uninstall," I see a lot of references to different apps that one can download or buy, but isn't there a way to uninstall without first adding another app? I haven't done a sync with the PC since installing Y!Mail.

Thanks in advance for some words of wisdom!