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    Everytime RBackup is running it crashes when it gets to Icons-Iambic. The Treo 650 resets everytime. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Try running it after a soft reset, or even do a warm reset and run it.

    RBackup seems very sensitive to free cache, which the Resco people quickly blame Palm for. Maybe turning down the compression will help too?
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    RBackup is very good, but it requies a lot of DBCache to work properly, and THEN it consumes a ton of DBCache itself.

    My solution is to use a program called "LookAtMe" to run "mReset" before and after a scheduled backup.

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    Just to gloat .. after the Cingular ROM update, I can run BBVFS and RescoBackup back-to-back without any problems!!
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    Originally Posted by wernst
    I myself do NOT have Actnames under Hede. (BTW, Agendus used to be called "Action Names," and I guess a lot of Agendus' internal code still has this moniker.) That said, I can take a guess: if you have Agendus set to automatically check for updates, or maybe if it is set to automatically get the quote of the day or weather, then it will use HEDE. Try turing off these functions and see if HEDE goes away.

    I don't use these features.


    I think you solved my problems with RBackup crashing the Treo. I recently enabled check for updates (had extra time to goof off) for the weather in my area. Couldn't figure out why I kept having crashes during backups. I just reset Agendus to its defaults and now it can complete a backup.

    Thanks wernst

    ARGH! Problems are back! Still neeed advice. Thanks.
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