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    Is anyone useing FlyZip XR with your Treo 650? With ZLauncher? Just wondering, this was a great tool years ago on my old PDA. Thanks.....
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    Flyzip is great but it's purpose is sorta defeated if you can simply just move all the apps to the card via mem manger like zlauncher imo. The only reason to use something like this would be if you wanted to compress something that absolutely needs to reside in ram but that you do not need to run all the time. For example, you could use Flyzip to compress verichat (if you don't use it) b/c it cannot be installed to card etc...
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    Also, I seem to recall comments from months ago that said that it did not work well for the Java VM. Now that would be a reason to use FlyZip!
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    What about the Pre3 and Veer where this could be quite useful to recover some real-estate??

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