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    A strange problem... I've been happily using my 650 in silence, that is, I have all the system sounds other than ringer / alerts turned off. I must've pressed the wrong button by accident, because suddenly it's giving me keytaps, startup/shutdown sounds, etc. No problem, I went into the preds and sounds menus and made sure they're all 'off' -- so why won't these annoying sounds go away? The only change I made recently was installing the Palm GPS / TomTom Bluetooth software.
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    I've seen that happen once or twice. Turn System Sounds back on, soft reset and then turn them off - it should stick then.
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    Thanks Bill, that worked.
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    the system sounds come back often on my devide. I haven't found the reason yet. I think it's due to some app which doesn't correctly deal with sound settings.
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    I have the same setup, and sounds just come back on for no apparent reason occasionally. You simply need to go back to prefs, tap on "off" again (even though it already says off), and it should set it back to silent.
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    I had the same problem. System sounds sounds kept coming back. I found a haack recommend here called supress keyclick sound. Now I can leave the system sounds on 1 and I don't get the annoys key sounds. That was all I really wanted to get ridof anyway.
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