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    I've got a couple of questions about running Chatter for my home e-mail while running GoodLink for work e-mail. I downloaded and installed Chatter for testing purposes but could never get it so that both Chatter and GoodLink could inform me in real-time about new mail. My home IMAP server requires SSL so I had to use the "Park in Chatter While Asleep" option to have any chance of realtime updates w/Chatter (since I didn't download Matrix). But that seemed to prevent GoodLink from updating realtime.

    So here are my questions --

    (1) Do Chatter and/or GoodLink take complete control of the data connection when running in the foreground?

    (2) What about the background?

    I look forward to enlightenment.


    Seth Green
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    You just need the MatrixSSL package that I offer to get background SSL with Chatter.

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    Although I don't use SSL for IMAP, and that seems to be your problem, I can assure you that Chatter and GoodLink play quite nicely together. This does eat up battery use like anything (in an highly informal study, I'd say GoodLink was the worse offender) but I have no problem staying online with both .

    The latest firmware updates (well I'm on Cingular so I got it earlier) solve a lot of the memory problems -- and stability ones too - that you would have with this combination. Get it as soon as you can.

    It's good to hear someone else is torturing their Treo in this way.
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    I knew I would need Matrix for running Chatter in the background. But is the problem that I'm having "parking" it in the foreground to be expected? Or is something else going on?

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