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    Hi All,

    I'm a recent convert from an SMT5600 windows smartphone. with the smartphone, if i made a change in outlook, my data was INSTANTLY synced with my phone rather than having to press a "sync" button.

    With the treo,i have it setup so it will sync every time upon connect, however, if i make a change within outlook WHILE the treo is connected, it will not reflect on the treo unless I press the sync button again.

    Is there a way to make it act more like a windows smartphone when it comes to syncing?
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    Short answer to your question: No. There are applications and services that provide this sort of thing, of course. I believe that this is how Goodlink works (, but it's installation isn't cheap nor trivial. There are others also I am sure (Sprint Business Connect, etc.)

    As far as Activesync goes, I just set mine to autosync every ten minutes or so, and it achieve a similar effect. No instant push though.
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    I use active sync and have it going out every 5 minutes. With the 1.17 update it works flawlessly with my email and calendar updates.
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    Both Druce and txschafers mention the set up of a timer-based autosync. Is this on the Palm OS? if so, what palm application allows you to set up regularly scheduled synch?
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    good question. i know cradlecare can handle this scheduling of hotsync, i'd be very interested if there were other options.
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    Yeah. This is the most frustrating thing about Palms and it is a really stupid design feature. I am enormously envious of my wife's blackberry for this exact reason. I make extensive use of to-dos and my calendar, but my palm and my computer are always out of sync. I'm not sure what Activesync is, but I doubt it works on a mac


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