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    Hi all I have a question.
    I just wanted to use versamail just to recieve and send email.Same accounts I have on home pc's.(yahoo & comcast)
    I want to leave copy on server so when I recieve email on my home pc they are still there.(If I read it on the palm aready)

    my question is:

    when I delete the messages on the palm why are they re downloaded on the palm?
    I thought that after they were downloaded once they do not supposed to re-downloaded again if they are the same messages?

    If I check the setting in versamail to just delete from the handheld it will redownload it again.If I check delete on server then obviousy it will not download on my home pc's.

    This can't be done?
    What am I going wrong?
    I did this for years between multiple pc's but it don't want to work right with the treo 650

    Thanks for all your help

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    I don't think Versamail can do what you want; SnapperMail can. If you want to stick to Versamail, you'll need to move those emails that you no longer want to see to another folder (unless, of course, you want to delete them from the server).
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