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    I'm not a technical treo user but I just started having a problem. When I delete my email the Treo starts rebooting. Please help. Thanks
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    Hi Stewartf!

    Welcome to Treo Central. You will enjoy your Treo!

    This thread may get "moved" to the communications section, as that is where questions on this subject are gathered. I assume you are using VersaMail. Are you? And please detail a little more of what is going on. Exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it -- just prior to the rebooting. There may be threads in the communications section on this already. Check the titles, see what comes up.

    With a little more info, others may be able to jump in here and help.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I get my mail through versamail- after I open up an email and then delete it- the treo begins rebooting. I've had the device for 6 months and have never had this problem before.
    Any suggestion?
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