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    Anyone else having this problem? I was listening to a podcast. Thought I would jump on TC and see what is going on I get a instant reset. I thought it was just being picky at first. But, after several tries, a few warm resets,2 hard resets and changinf the prefs in blazer to 0.05mb. I am going to have to blame the new 1.71 FW. Unless someone else has a better idea.
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    Seems like we r all stumped
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    Are you using the Chinese Full version? if yes, you are running out of DBCache. it happened to me.
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    What do u do?
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    xyzzyx You were right. I deleted it off my treo. Now that iti is back on everything is smooth as can be and faster too
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    I am having lots of freeze ups and spontaneous reboots in Blazer. Just started using it.
    Works sometimes.
    Any suggestions.

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