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    I've got a weird problem. My phone will not ring anymore since installing Freedom when my wife calls (SPCS 2 SPCS). BUT the phone rings just fine when anyone from a land line calls. Don't know about other SPCS callers don't know to many. I know or suspect it's Freedom related since when I disable or delete freedom her calls ring fine. Why would one call appear different to a program?

    I've got the usual programs on my unit... Freedom, Butler,TG, TH, VC etc. etc...

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    Make sure that you don't have an invalid ringer set for her.. Either in Contacts or a kludgy ringtone manager.. Something to doublecheck anyway.
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    I have a similar weird phone won't ring if I have a picture ID associated with the caller...I remove the picture, and it's fine.
    I have NO third party ringer managers installed at all.

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