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    I've noticed that when I put multi-day events (like trips) into iCal they only show up as single appointments on my Treo 650. I'm using datebk5 and Missing Sync 5. There are lots of prefs in datebk5 that I haven't even begun to figure out, so I'm thinking it might be something simple. Any ideas?

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    I have a WORSE problem. Using Entourage, and events entered in TREO (i usually enter events via treo while on the go) as multi day won't even get synched with entourage.

    Also, anyone notice that in Agenda View of Palm Datebook multi day events are displayed as starting at 12pm and not the time u entered. weird!
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    This is a known problem with iCal. There is no fix. The only thing you can do is put your trips/multi-day events in iCal as repeating events. They will then sync.


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