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    We have several Managers Using treo 650's in our office with No problems except for our sales manager. His phone has began doing things such as Powering off During a call or the radio shutting down on its own. The only difference in the units and how they are used is that He ONLY charges his using the Car charger , He never uses the wall charger that came with the treo. He is presenly on a trip and the phone will now only function While Plugged in to the car charger. I will try putting in a different battery next week when he's back, I belive he's damaged the battery with the car charger. Has anyone run into this situation.
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    There were sum posted reports with regards to car chargers in reference to the car charger causing damage to either the phone or the battery charger component of the phone.

    Possible causes: when car starts, a higher voltage surges through the charger. If the charger is connected to the phone, there is a potential possible electronic component damage. This was more commonly reported for the Treo 600 OEM car chargers but some Palm supplied ones has been identified as well.

    Recommend fix is: disconnect the phone from the charger as you start your car.
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    Thanks For the Info...
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    It sounds like a bad battery to me. I'd try that too. Unplugging the phone when starting the car is a valid suggestion too.

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