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    I just got a 650 recently and noticed I'm at 1.03. I work in IT, so I live by the mantra of "update the the latest firmware". But I also live in the real world, and live by the mantra of "if it's not broke...". My Treo seems to behaving itself for the most part (3 lockups in 3 weeks, random several soft resets), but I don't want to install a boatload of apps and data and *then* decide I need to upgrade. I also read I can get more free memory out of an upgrade, which is my main motivator at this point.

    How many have upgraded and why? Was the upgraded firmware good or bad for you? I've searched and read several posts on the subject. Some are good reports and some are bad, which is to be expected. I was just hoping I could get a consolidated "poll" of sorts on the general vzw 1.04 upgrade, since many of the other posts were about specific problems.

    Also, are backlevel firmware builds posted anywhere, so if I don't like 1.04 I could go back to 1.03?
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    I upgraded to the 1.04 and I am not sure if I should have or if I just have issues with my Treo. It just seems to randomly reset at the oddest times, mostly when I am using a data app. I didn't use it for more than 10 minutes before I ran the update so I don't know if 1.03 was stable. I would also like to know if 1.04 is stable and if it is, then is my treo that needs replaced, and if it does need repalaced will vzw replace it for me, in the store?
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    1.04 works at least as well as 1.03 for me. Didn't notice much difference either way.

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