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    Could you help me get a Treo 650 to sycn using bluetooth?

    Apparently I have not set up the virtual serial port correctly on my laptop (dell latidute, builtin in bluetooth card).
    I used the program in the Windows XP control panel called “Bluetooth local com” to add both a “Bluetooth virtual COM port” for a client and a server.

    Yet the hotsync manager reports an error (below) when I select "local" and then either the virtual client or server COM port in its "settings menu".
    Error: The selected port COM1/2 is not available at this time. HotSync manager will open the port when it becomes available

    When I try to sync the Treo 650 it can see the name on my computer via bluetooth, however when I press hot sync it just reports “connecting with the desktop using <my computers name>” and nothing happens: the screen doesn’t change on the treo – it just sits there with the cancel button – which after 5 minutes I press to use the treo for something else

    I am not sure which program to use on my laptop to set up Bluetooth correctly. Besides the “Bluetooth local com” in the control panel there is a “Bluetooth icon” in the system tray of windows XP.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    did you ever get this to work? I am having trouble also, and i have not been successful searching for answers.

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