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    I like Avant Go. I like MapQuest. As you are probably aware, you can save MapQuest maps to your AvantGo account and synch them to your PDA. So you can easily put driving directions on your TREO.

    I just figured out a cool trick that I thought I would share. AvantGo comes with a wireless piece called AG Connect that you can use to synch your Avant Go account with your PDA wirelessly. The PC that I synch my Treo with is my laptop is in my apartment. If I need directions when I am on the road... I can go to any Internet connected PC. Go to MapQuest and plot the course, click on the PDA feature to save it to my Avant Go account, and then use the wireless AG Connect feature to get it into my Treo.

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    Try DA (Directory Assistant) a free app that incorporates MapQuest. Do a search and you'll find lots of comments.

    Here's the link to the site:
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    Yeah, DA is much easier and and SMALLER than avantgo. Plus is usually takes me eons to wireless sync anything via avantgo...
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    I downloaded DA. I like the directory function. It works great! The map and directions features don't work for me because it defaults to the Blazer browser... which is no longer supported with the 300. There are some settings to allow it to use different browsers, but there isn't a setting for nweb by novarra. In the preferences, it allows you to use a Creator ID... what is that? Can I use that in some what to utilize the nweb browser? Help.
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    You can use FileZ or something to find the creator ID for the nWeb browser (may be NOVR, that is the id for WebPro, which is nWeb for Treo 600), and stuck it in.
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    I downloaded Filez. I will synch it tonight and see what the creator ID is. NOVR didn't work. Thanks for the help.
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    I got Directory Assistant working. The Creator Idea for Novarra nWeb was NWEB. What a cool little application! Directory Assistant should be standard on all smartphones. I am definitely flipping the author $10 for it.

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