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    Is it possible to sync some media, but not others? Are photos taken by the Palm's camera considered media?

    I have encoded a movie for TCPMP on my home PC (not the same PC as my hotsyncing PC which is at work, BTW) ... it's 200MB. There's no way that I'm going to hotsync a file this large, so I copied it to my SD card using an external card reader/writer. [BTW: TCPMP is awesome!]

    If I leave the hotsync "Media" conduit set to its default value of "Synchronize the Files" then it will try to copy this huge file back to my PC, which would take hours (especially since I use Bluetooth for hotsyncing).

    OTOH, if I leave Media hotsyncing completely off, I'll lose the ability to sync MP3s (which I generally hotsync if I only have a few) as well as (I think) photos taken on the Palm's camera.

    Is there a way to "trick" either the Palm or the PC to ignore certain files or portions of the SD card?

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    Did you go through the menu of the hotsync application? If I remember correctly, there's an option screen that let's you check/uncheck the applications to synchronize.
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    Thanks for your response. It hadn't occurred to me that the Palm's hotsync application allows you to specify a conduit for each application.

    Unfortunately turning off the conduit for TCPMP on the Treo isn't sufficient because the 'Media' in question apparently don't "belong" to a specific application such as TCPMP. I let the hotsync run for a while, while the Treo's Hotsync screen read "Synchronizing Pics & Videos" and the PC's Hotsync window read "Status: Synchronizing Media".

    I let this run for about 10 minutes and then killed the hotsync.

    I then tried disabling the "Pics & Videos" conduit on the Treo, but this had no effect ... it still hung with the message "Synchronizing Pics & Videos"

    Any other suggestions?

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