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    My singnal is very weak on my verizon650 inside my office. My phone will ring, but I immeadiatly drop calls when I try to answer them. Has anyone had any luck with the aftermarket antennas? If so which ones, and how much do they help? Thanks.
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    Alas, I think the only real solution to you problem is to buy a cellular repeater which unfortunately are pretty expensive.
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    Check out I am using their trucker antenna mounted to the back of my house and a 25 foot cable to my desktop. Wilson just started shipping the cable adapter for the Treo 650! It's not very expensive.

    With my old phones (Nokia and Sony Ericsson), I went from unusable to 3 bars of signal strength with the antenna. There is also a 3 watt amplifier available if the antenna does not give you enough power gain.

    These guys are very helpful via the phone if you want to discuss your setup.
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