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    With all the new updates and combos, it seems a lot of people are upgrading.
    Please post which one works best for you.

    I think 1.13/1.43 works best for me.
    But i want to try 1.20/1.71 I just went to 1.20/1.51 yesterday (again) to see if i will not have problems with the new cingular's rom anymore.

    Pros: With 1.43 I had better overall phone. Reception was great. I used to stream ptunes on 128k radio stations on the train and not get cut off or have to rebuffer until train goes underground and there is no reception at all. (with the new cingular update, its been crapping up on me and freezing left and right, im testing it again today).
    Great sound.

    Cons: Most people complained about the echo, but VC seems to solve it.
    Messed up graphics on "holdemhigh" game. (this is with any firmware above 1.13)

    Please discuss yours.
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    I'm on 1.43/1.14dbg. I tried 1.51 for a day or so, but the volume (handset, speaker and BT) was so much lower than 1.43, I reverted ASAP. 1.43 does have the echo problem, but I control that with VolumeCare (by actually decreasing the mic's sensitivity)...that's actually the only reason I'm using VolumeCare now. I love 1.14dbg - it has the db cache handling efficiences that, it sounds like, 1.17 and 1.20 have. Right now, I'm debating whether to move to 1.20 APR, or wait for the ROW version (which really should be anytime now). I'll probably just stick with 1.14dbg.
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    This is the best my device has EVER worked. . .
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