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    Have a Sprint Treo650 and an old T3. Is it possible to setup some sort of bluetooth connection so I can surf the web on the T3 from the 650? I have the unlimited data plan for the Sprint treo.

    Figure it would be nice to have a larger screen to view web pages but I don't know what is involved in setting it up or making it work (provided it can be done to begin with); the landscape mode on the T3 might also be nice for viewing web pages.

    Pointers to any threads that cover the process(es) would be of help though not sure just what I was suppose to search if your replies say just setup a xyz interface I still will be in the dark unless a reply or some thread provides some sort of 'step by step' instructions.

    Sorry but I'm just not very smart about these things work but still willing to ask and try to learn.

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