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    I bought a treo 650 that is for sprint. the person who owned it made it work with verizon. now my question is, how do i convert it back so i can use it on sprint
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    first check the ESN with Sprint since they may not take it.
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    its a sprint phone, so the esn should be fine. just want to reprogram it with the sprint software
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    No I disagree. If that phone was lost or stolen, or it was replaced with another phone, it will be blacklisted.

    Better mke sure everything is OK with Sprint, not that it will be necessarily be ok with Verizon. You need to search for the Sprint restore ROM and apply it to the phone.
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    someone was using it on verizon but its a sprint phone i just need to reprogram it with the sprint software
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    Try Haven't been there in a while, so not sure if they are still there. Check his forums too.

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