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    At the outset I would like to say that I have searched the forums and could not find a problem that matches mine.

    I am getting a soft reset right at the end of Hotsync. Hotsync completes the process and when at "Cleaning up, Please wait", it goes to a soft reset. This happens consistently. The Hotsync log is clean, everything has completed successfully.

    I have had problems previously with soft reset doing SplashID sync. I have overcome that by asking it to "Do Nothing" for SplahID.

    I normally do the Hotsync using BT.

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    first fo all, what does your reset log say?

    dial **377:

    Most likely, if your treo is reseting after hotsync, it is because there is some incompatible app that is try to sync or that is being installed.

    Also, splashID should work on the Treo. Are you using the latest ver?
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    I am in Australia and I am not sure what code I should dial to display the reset log. Can anyone help?

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    Try them all in the link gfunkmagic posted. Most likely it will be the GSM code #*377

    I bet you have some corruption in your Saved Preferences file. That is the last one that is saved during Hotsync. You could delte the file but then you'll lose all your program settings including registration codes.

    You could also disable all but one conduit in the Hotsync (Rihght-click the icon in the task bar, choose Custom, change all but one to "do nothing". That'll help identify which activity during Hotsysnc is the culprit.
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    Thanks Aloke. That worked. Here is what I see:

    System Error Log

    A reset was caused on 2/12/05 at 6:00 am while running "Applications":
    ../Src/LauncherMain.c, Line:1005,LaunchDB already open (can't queue)!

    It means nothing to me. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Isn't it great when we do a search on TreoCentral, find the problem we are looking for, follow the steps and find the problem, then fix it!

    My phone today started reseting after a hotsync when it said "Cleaning Up". I did ##377 found out it was WordtoGo that was causeing the problem, did a quick uninstall-reinstall and wala! No problems.

    Always do a search.

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