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    I was browsing around for a GPS solution for my Treo 650 when I saw the StarNet SDIO card here. It says that it is compatible with any smartphone or pda equipped with the SDIO Now! interface. I did a quick bit of research online and found out that the interface is created by a company called BSQUARE Corp (off topic note: also the name of Alton Brown's production company) and that the interface is used by almost everyone in the business except, you guessed it, palm. (See here for list of licensees).

    My question is threefold...
    1) can the StarNet SDIO card be used out of the box with the Treo 650,
    2) Could the Treo be made to work with the StarNet card (the site says that "Using the SDIO Now! proven technology eliminates the need to create an MMC/SD/SDIO software stack and ensures compatibility across multiple host controllers.", can the "software stack" be created for the Treo?)
    3) Does anyone else know of a SD GPS solution? (I searched treocentral and didn't find any threads on this)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I have been reading treocentral since 1/04, but was finally motivated to stop lurking and to join...
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the deal breaker right here:

    "However, please note that since the SD slot is occupied by the iGolf GPS receiver, all maps will have to be stored on the Treo 650ís internal memory. This limitation should be taken into consideration when purchasing the iGolfGps for navigation purposes."

    I was hoping to find a solution that I could use for in car and out of car...
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    Yep, that's why nobody buys this solution - as soon as someone comes up with one of these with 1 gig builtin storage they'd really have a money maker...
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    Quote Originally Posted by strado

    I was hoping to find a solution that I could use for in car and out of car...
    Get the Globalsat BT-338. It's small and comes with a nice belt case that's great for out of car use.
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    That solution looks very promising. I forgot to mention that the ideal situation would be something non-BT because then you are unable to use a BT headset.

    The dream GPS setup would be in car or out of car, plus the ability to use BT. I have been looking at the Seido G2350S here so that I can use BT in the car and trying to compare that to the Globalstat that you just mentioned. It looks like I will have to compromise...

    I know that this is totally off-topic and will go ignored by most of the people looking at this thread, but the ideal setup would be to hack into my Suburban's audio system in order to use the hands-free features that are built into the car (and the steering wheel) and then to hack the Onstar GPS receiver to work with Tom Tom software. I am very frustrated by the fact that my suburban has a beautifully integrated system, however, I don't want to use their service (i.e. OnStar & their calling plan). The Treo could solve this problem if only there was a way to use it as the front end for the system...

    Here is a link to the Onstar portion on the question. Anyone care to try to figure out the hands-free and steering wheel controls part?
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    You could use Holux BT GR-236 GPSslim receiver. it can be used as a BT receiver and as a wired receiver with an additional lead. take a look on to find a review of it.

    My solution is to have a seidio G2100S car cradle permanently fixed in the car which is hard wired to the ignition at present and then have a wired GPS plugged & powered by the Seidio cradle. I can then use my BT car kit.

    I also have a BT receiver for when I'm not in my car.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201

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