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    I am having an issue with battery drain when you enable Local Network Time and when the phone is off. It is supposed to only use this feature when the phone is on, but it seems that it is searching or doing something that drains the battery. When I turn it off and charged the battery it did not drain it at all. I was also able to turn the feature back on, still have the phone off, and it did not drain the battery. So it seems that if you turn it off once, it resets it or something. I am in an area where I don't have coverage so I can't turn the phone back on. According to the manual, the network time should only work when the phone is on, but it sure looks like it is causing the issue. Any comments anyone?
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    What version of fw/sw are you on? This was supposedly fixed in the later versions from the last 5 months or so.
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    I have a Sprint phone, hardware B, software version 1.12a SPNT. This is definitely the issue as the device only lost 8% of the battery in 24 hours since I turned the network time off then back on. I will have to monitor the useage when I can turn my phone back on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I've got a GSM phone, but I've disabled Network Time; it tends to reset my phone when I change timezones or roam. I use TreoAlarm to check and adjust the time 3 times a day (and to adjust the time manually after a reset); there are other apps around that do the same thing.
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    Does anybody know what “network time” is actually connected to? Clearly when you get off the plane and switch on your phone, it will bring up local time. However, I am not sure it is connected to the correct Internet time, the same way your PC is (if you have XP). The other day I noticed that about a 1 minute time difference between my computer and my Treo. Is there some software that will coordinate with Internet time (i.e a government time server) with the phone on a regular basis?
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    I have also disabled this feature because everytime it connects to read time from the nework it's srewing up my time zone, and then all time for other cities are all out of sync. It seem that my provider is not publishing the proper time zone !
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    Forgot to mention that I have an unbranded GSM phone with T-mobile service. Fw 1.28 sw 1.13-ROW. Hardware A

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