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    Ok, so I've decided to change the jpeg that I've been using with ZLauncher. I followed the istructions (copying the pic I want to use to Palm/Programs/ZLauncher/BackImage using the ZLauncher File Manager. I go to the Tab Properties and check under General to see if the pic I want to use is there, but it isn't! Only the picture I'm currently using is listed.

    I've verified through File Manager that the pic is there, it just isn't showing up. I obviously already have JpegLib.prc installed since I already have a pic I'm using, which brings up another point. When I check Palm/Programs/ZLauncher/BackImage the new pic I want to use is there, but not the one currently in use! What am I doing wrong?
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    Also, when I go to Palm/Programs/ZLauncher/BackImage and click on the pic I want to use as my back image, back image as an option doesn't come up, only Select/Deselect, Select Group, Deselect Group, Copy, Move, Info, Beam, Send, Delete, and Cancel.
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    Nevermind. I found the answer!

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