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    I use Intellisync to sync my calendar between two computers, one with Lotus Notes 6.5.1 and the other Outlook 2003. This has worked very well until upgrading to my new Palm Treo 650.

    I called Intellisync and was told I needed to upgrade my intellisync software, which I did but it still would not sync. I called again but found out Lotus Notes 6.5.1 is too old now and they donít support it. I need Lotus Notes 6.5.5 or higher. Upgrades to Lotus will not be coming anytime soon at work.

    I then downloaded a trial version of mNotes to sync my Lotus with the Palm and was going to use intellisync at home to sync Outlook. Not sure if this will work but mNotes quadrupled all my records, even when I told to override my Palm.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or is there another software that will allow syncing between Lotus and Outlook? Thanks.
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    Check out CompanionLink software - google - they have a version for Lotus Notes.
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    Thanks but after checking with the company, CompanionLink software will not allow me to sync between Lotus on one computer and Outlook on another. Still looking for something that will.

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