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    I researched BT Headsets and the HBH 660 got great marks on forums. I have attempted to synch the HBH with the 650 and they can't find eachother. The HBH connects fine to my Ericsson T39m phone. The 650 was able to connect to a Jabra SP500 bluetooth speakerphone with no problem. I know that bluetooth is functional on the headset and the Treo.

    Could this be a software problem? I see that the latest for Sprint is:
    TREO 650 - 1.12 SPCS
    on my Treo I have TREO 650 - 1.12a SPNT

    Should I download? I can't locate a definition for the difference between what is recommended and what I have installed. What is the "a" and what is the difference between SPCS and SPNT?


    Device Name: Treo 650 (Sprint)
    Desktop Computer Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    Desktop Personal Information Manager: MS Outlook 2003 Win
    How is your device connected to your computer: Unconnected
    Wireless service provider: Sprint PCS
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    I use an HBH60 and it works great w/my 650. The "a" indicates that the 911 update was done. I'm guessing that the difference between SPCS & SPNT is that the SPNT is Sprint Nextel.
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    i use one as well and don't have any problems. has to be that you are not pairing it correctly.
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    Make sure you are putting the headset in pairing mode. To do this you have to hold the + and - volume buttons simultaneously until you see the pairing icon show up (resembles the recycling symbol). Once you do that, set your phone to discover nearby devices and you should be good to go.
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    Same here, HBH-660 works perfectly with my Sprint 650
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    As I noted in the original post, I was able to pair the 650 with the Jabra speaker phone unit. the Speaker phone works great. I am also paired sucessfully with my personal ericsson t39m. It doesn't appear the pairing is the issue, there is some imcompatibility with the 650 and the 660. I have attempted pairing between the 650 and 660 many times. I have followed the sequence that allowed successful pairing btwn the t39 and 660. It works with the ericsson phone but the 650 can't find the 660 to pair with. I hold the two six inches apart (with the t39 powered off) go through the sequence numerous times and it always fails.
    Because of the Jabra to 650 success, this failure has me confused as the research I did suggested success. That's why I am questioning FW and SW.
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    Thank you to Big Tone. Had to do the 660 power cycle as the pairing was the issue and I wasn't getting the pairing icon. Your message jogged my memory. Thanks.
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    Does anyone experience static problems with the HBH 660 and the T650? I've tried a few types of headsets and they all seem to have sound quality issues. My experience has been that I have to hold the phone next to the headsets to get decent reception. Any recommendations?
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    I have the same problem with my Sprint Treo 650. If I hold the phone close to the headset the performance is great but otherwise I get a lot of static.

    I am currently still not upgraded to the 1.08 or higher firmware. I understand that the newer firmware is supposed to have better bluetooth support. Have to try it in the next few days. I was hesitant to upgrade since I am using the Shadowmite custom rom currently.

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