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    hi, im new here, i just got my 650, i love it. but im trying zlauncher and i have a problem. when i click on the file manager, it resets my 650. also, if i click on the toggle icon/list/detail view, it resets my treo and goes straight to the phone, when i puch home, it resets. i had to do a hard reset to get my treo back. also, i cant see my sd card at all. no matter what i do, i cant get access to it. and how do i set a background image?
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    I think setting a background image is the least of your worries...

    Are you using ZLauncher 5.32? If you're using an old version (4.x) this is likely the cause of your problems.

    Otherwise, that's very very odd.. Must be something else on your Treo doing it, ZLauncher works perfect for me and lots of other people.

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