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    I've had the same experience with 2 ATT (Blue Cingular) replacement phones for my original Treo 650. (The original needs to be replaced because it has some bad keys on the keyboard.)

    I immediately upgraded the first replacement phone to 1.17 (using the Cingular Blue updater). I followed the instructions carefully and know what I'm doing; I did the previous upgrade to 1.15 without problems. At the end of the second hard reset -- the one before you hot sync to your original device name -- the targets came up. However, when I tried to touch the center of the targets, the Treo was locked up and unresponsive. It would not soft, warm or hard reset.

    I figured it was a problem in the phone.

    ATT sent another Treo 650. I upgraded to 1.17 and did the hot sync. All was fine. Then I took out the battery to record the IMEI, etc, and when I put it back in, the phone froze -- this time on the "time set" screen. It would not take input in any way. No soft, warm or hard reset either.

    I've spent hours on the phone with Cingular and Palm. No answers.

    Anyone else having any similar problem?

    I'd appreciate any help or comments.


    PS. My plan is to get a third replacement phone and simply use it on 1.15. But, I would really like the Bluetooth and sound improvements that people are experiencing with 1.17.

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    Are you using a screen protector?
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    I do use a screen protector, but it wasn't on the phones when they locked up.

    I use the TreoCentral protector on the phone that is working, and will put one on the new phone once it works.

    Curious -- does it make a difference?



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