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    I'm trying to get a PDF reader on my Treo. Adobe's solution is clunky and didn't seem to work at all, but PalmPDF looks good.

    The problem is that you need to install its font files (.pfb) to the Treo separately, and the normal install process doesn't seem to understand what these files are or where they go. (The HotSync log says "no application on your handheld to open these files".)

    I've looked for shareware programs that let you manually transfer files to the Treo, but all the ones I've seen (Palm File Browser, Softick Card Export II) have a PC client only -- no Mac.

    I presume this could be done with Missing Sync, but I don't want to buy the application just for this one task (I'm happy with syncing normally and am on a tight budget).

    Is there any way to get PalmPDF's font files installed and working? Thanks...
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    Get the PalmPDF prc file on the Treo however you can (and however you normally install applications).

    Running the application creates the font files on the SD card automatically. It doesn't matter whether you are a MAc or a PC user.
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    It doesn't seem like that's what happens for me. I've installed PalmPDF itself just fine, and I've synced a couple of PDF files to the Treo and navigated to them within PalmPDF. When I select one of them and tap "Show", I get a "Not installed" dialog with the message "PalmPDF can't find its font files."

    The "About" dialog says that this is version 0.6. I downloaded this a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was the current version... I'll confirm this at the Web site.

    Aha! The MetaViewSoft Web site shows that v0.7 and v0.8 were released in rapid succession *last week*! And v0.8 has a helpful release note saying "Better installation, all fonts inside the app and extracted at first run."

    Looks like the developer solved my problem for me. I love it when that happens...

    Thanks for your help, aprasad!

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