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    I am hoping that someone might know what this palm application is: libmal - anyone heard of it? It is listed on my Visor as being an installed application, but I never put it on and I have no idea what it is (and it takes over 100k of memory )! I am wondering if it is something that was installed when I tried to put AvantGo on my Visor.

    I would love to get this off my Visor to free up some space. If anyone knows what it is (or might be), please let me know.

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    LIBMAL is part of the AvantGo package. The package consists of 4 programs, AvantGo.prc, AvGoPref.pdb, MobileLink.prc and LibMal.prc. I don't know what Libmal does but if you delete it and try to sync. with AvantGo, you will get an error saying that libmal is missing.


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    Thank you so much! Now I know that I can delete it without hurting anything. I had to take AvantGo off of my Visor because of a firewall on our system (I sync from the office) so now I have some extra space.

    Thanks again!
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    I think this is also included when using Vindigo, as it uses Mobile Link.
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    Originally posted by MoKoni
    I had to take AvantGo off of my Visor because of a firewall on our system (I sync from the office) so now I have some extra space.

    Thanks again!
    You can configure the proxy settings in MobileLink to access AvantGo through your company's fire-wall.
    On your desktop (I've used it under Win98 and Win2K) choose the MobileLink option under AvantGo. You will find a button to 'Configure Proxy'. Choosing that option will bring up a screen where you can enter information about your HTTP proxy server and the HTTP authentication information. Now you are in business!

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    Well, now I have to confess how much I don't know about this stuff. I tried to reconfigure the proxy settings but I didn't know how to find the host name, static IP address, etc. I work in a very small office and actually, our network server is in my office. We don't have a network administrator (it's usually me doing what someone over the phone tells me to do). I had no idea how to get that information so I just deleted AvantGo from my palm and figured I would never be able to have it.

    Now ya got me all embarassed because I had to tell the truth. I guess I walked right into it, though.

    But... if you know where I might be able to find this information on our server, I would be more than happy to take some notes and put AvantGo back on my Visor.

    Thank you!

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    MoKoni --

    To access this forum, you're using a web browser, Netscape or IE or whatever. Since you're making it through the firewall out here into the real world , your web browser is obviously already configured with the correct proxy information. So, go into the browser's configuration information (on my version of Netscape, I use the Edit pulldown menu to get to Preferences, then hit the little triangle next to Advanced which brings down cache and proxy options, then hit the proxy button). Your proxy information is there. This is exactly the procedure I used to get the information I needed to make AvantGo and iSilo work.

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    Unfortunately, I am not using Netscape, I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer and I can't find the settings anywhere. My first logical choice was to look under "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Connections". I can't find anything there. I tried using the Help index and it wasn't exactly helpful, if you know what I mean.

    I really feel like an *****. The funny thing is that I am not computer illiterate. I usually get around pretty good and actually, I usually am able to get what I need. For some reason, however, I can't figure this out.

    If anyone cares to hold my hand and walk me through this, I would love to hear it. I really did want to have AvantGo on my Visor, but I figured that seeing I was too stupid to figure it out, I didn't deserve to have it (how's that for intellect?).
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    you were close...

    under tools, select 'internet options' then select the 'connection' tab. at the bottom is a button for LAN settings. you'll find the info you need there!
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Been there. Done that. Didn't work.

    I got there but there isn't anything there (meaning no checked boxes and no information in any boxes). I selected the "LAN settings" box, but everything is blank. So what does that mean (besides that I clearly have no idea what I am doing)?

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    I've no idea whether it works, but try opening the Mobile Link program, in the Avantgo folder on you desktop machine, selecting the Connection tab and then clickick 'Autodetect now'.

    Does this do anything?
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    On the version of IE I'm using, I View Internet Options, then hit the connection tab, and the 2nd box down is labelled "proxy server". The address and port fields are what I wanted. Maybe we're using different versions.

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    Unfortunately, I looked there - there are no checked boxes; there is nothing. Everything is blank. I am giving up. We are getting a new home computer next month and I will just have to wait until then.

    Thanks for all of the input - I really appreciate it.
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    Speaking of all these configs -

    Anyone tried syncing FreeBSD/Sun 8 ? I wonder whether PINE would work, running fetchmail! *grin*

    I'm a unix junkie, but havent considered this step (have heard of ppl with success under Linux) [unix clone!] since I only got my visor recently, and "what the hell is unix anyway now that I got a brand new toy!" lol

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    Mon: Click Start|Run
    Then type in winipcfg
    Drop down the box and select your network card.
    The gateway ip should be the ip of the router allowing your office access to the net.

    As a side now, I use Palm Telnet to wirelessly telnet into my linux machine at home and run pine to check email, it works great and fits to the screen.

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