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    This is a Chinese Treo650 leaked ROM for ROW phones. For some folks The following ROMs have been difficult to flash successfully, sometimes requiring numerous resetes-hard resets. For others, it seems to be a simpler flash. User beware.

    Functionally all of the following ROMs appear to have the same bulk of Chinese files removed. So you are left with what you want or don't want from the basic Treo650 files to have on the ROM for your Treo650.

    ROM (ace-palmos.izp) sizes:
    Custom 1 - 6479
    Kaiser __ - 6550
    MFB ____ - 5847

    Custom 1: Stripped bare (Chinese stuff and other stuff removed) and no Tutorials and no Realplayer:

    Thank you Lovecostarica!

    Keysersoze's ROM: (Chinese stuff and other stuff removed)

    "trimmed down... no RealPlayer or VersaMail, no Chinese UI localization files, no handwriting recognition Chinese input but with core CJKOS files. So this is as close as it gets to an English ROM but with basic CJKOS left which can be turned off in Prefs."

    Thank you Kaisersoze!

    MFB's ROM: Stripped bare (Chinese stuff and other stuff removed) and no Tutorials, no Realplayer and no Versamail.

    Here is the 1.20 APR/1.71 Stripped Rom Final Version It has all the chinese language apps and dbs removed (except cjkos.prc)including other non essentials such as sam files , bgservice, tips, versamail and real player. Dbcache on an empty Treo after hard reset is 13,823 (mem info)"

    Thank you MFB!

    The new Chinese GSM ROW ROM:

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    Still downloading it but the file names say it is a Chinese version so it is probably a custom ROM with Chinese software added.
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    It's an offical Chinese version. But you have the choice to select English after a hard reset.

    Here is the Phone Info screen.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Do you have in one complete file. Here it is sloooow to download..
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    If the Chinese lang files are removed, then it would install directly in English?
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    It likely won't have Chinese language files the same as German, French, etc. It will probably have CJKOS in the ROM which is software to enable reading and input of Chinese. One would install in English then enable the CJKOS software. I am still downloading though so cannot say for sure yet.
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    Thanks for the reply.
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    I want to see what else is in the ROM. The last leaked upgrade from this website included a lot of extra software in the ROM including several pirated versions.
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    You can custom this ROM.
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    Ok, got it all. CJKOS and PenPower which is for writing Chinese on the screen are installed in ROM. There are also a lot of files to enable Chinese in specific apps so it seems this is a Chinese version built onto an English base version. There are no European languages included. It should install as I said above in English and the Chinese can be enabled after install.

    I think I will wait a bit and see what others who install it are saying and what problems they are running into if any.

    The file is 9568 kb for anyone who is interested.
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    I have posted the download link to 1.13/1.71 Yes, its only 1.13 and not 1.20 but this has Garnet 5.4.8 and the latest blazer too. Head on to

    By the way, I have already upgraded to this. I'll post later when I get the chance to use the treo more.
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    so far i do not see a start.prc in this package.

    Never mind, corrupted package.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spankyoatmeal
    so far i do not see a start.prc in this package.
    Inside the Palm directory first level.
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    MFB, why do you say it's 1.13, not 1.20. I check the Phone Info and it says 1.20.

    Hi others, it's ok to leave the ROM untouched. All English file are there. The so called Chinese version is only original English PRCs plus chinese localization overlay, CJKOS.
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    No thanks.. I'll wait for the release.
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    okay, it now says 1.20 APR instead of ROW. With all languages removed, a hard reset of the custom rom I posted might end up with the languages dialog being displayed repeatedly. Workaround is to warm reset then soft reset. It won't show up again even after backup restoration and a series of soft resets. Only another hardreset will trigger the language selection error loop.

    This APR rom was definitely made for the chinese market.
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    APR=Asian Pre Release?
    any other thoughts on what APR is?
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    I guess APR stands for Asia Pacific Region and of course ROW stands for Rest Of the World.
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    Thanks for putting up the info here for me this morning.

    The Chinese site seems to have deleted their download links pretty quickly.. well maybe not. The site is kinda hard to get on from here.


    Are you going to cut out the phone update only for us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovecostarica

    Are you going to cut out the phone update only for us?

    It's easy enough to do yourself:
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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