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    I've been experiencing a very frustrating problem with my Treo 600. The problem is that the signal rarely stays at a high level. It goes up to four bars, down to 2 bars, back to 3 bars, no signal, back to 2 bars, just up, down, up, down... All day! Each time the signal is lost, and each time the signal is re-established, the phone emits a small beep, so I know it's happening all the time.

    Consequently, I miss incoming calls, and drop many calls, also.

    It's an (unlocked) GSM, firmware 3.05, software 1.16-CNG, Cingular is my carrier

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Talk to Cingular.
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    Thanks for the suggestion I called, and they said that they'll send out an update to my phone. In fact, as we were speaking, the phone asked me to power off and on, so they did something. I should know within 24 hours if that was helpful.

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