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    I realized that my tasks were set to "do nothing" and that's why recently some things were on the desktop that weren't on the phone.

    So I set it to desktop overwrites handheld. And one of my tasklists disappeared. I assume it was deleted. Now, as I type this, I think, "Duh, of course, it did." But is there any chance that those deleted tasks were saved somehow? I can't find them, but, maybe...

    And what should I have it set for normally anyway? desktop or handheld overwrites or sync?

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    You may get lucky.

    Go to the following on the PC: C:\program files\Palm (or Palm One or Handspring)\user name\todo

    Look for the files with a .tda extension. These are "archived" and see what the last date was of the most recent .tda. You can open this task list inside the Palm desktop and review it (or a good not program) and see if your list is there.....I doubt it since you stated that you forced the Desktop to overwrite Handheld.

    Normal setting is "sync" for all conduits with the exception of backup conduit: it should be set to Handheld overwrites Desktop.

    If your hot sync was set correctly on this backup conduit - and the tda file is the current date (assuming you did this today) then your probably in luck.
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