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    Trying to sync Amicus Attorney and Treo 650. I get the following error messages:

    Date Book synchronization failed; Address Book synchronization failed; To Do List synchronization failed

    I do have the conduits set up correctly acccording to Amicus guidelines. Any help would be greatly appreaciated
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    I also use Amicus Attorney on my 650. Because Amicus uses its own conduits, it doesn't use the date book, address book and to do conduits. The first time you sync, you get that error message. Check to see if the sync actually happened. If it didn't, sync again. Check in the hot sync manager to make sure your Amicus conduits are really there. Also, be sure to set up mapping in the hot sync manager, and choose your preference regarding whether you want duplicates if you change an entry on the Treo. Amicus has a strong bias to leave the computer as is and not change it. Also, you cannot (technically) sync to two computers or change the computer you sync to, but I have done it. Since we may be the only two people on the Board using Amicus, you can email me at with any more questions. And if there are any other Amicus users out there, show yourselves! As for me, I probably will be leaving it soon, but I have used it for years.
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    I have used the program for years. The sync works well for contacts and calendar. I have had problems syncing todo items. Make sure you have your amicus conduits set to sync both ways; and the palm conduits set to do nothing. Feel free to contact me via email with any other questions.

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