Seems like it might be the only way to get Entourage users to be able to use the "new" features of Missing Sync 5 completely with Treo 650. I KNOW Missing Sync 5 will work without e2sync, but I want to get the multiple address fields, contact photo sync etc.... between my Mac and Treo.

Basically e2snyc syncs Entourage 2004 data to the Mac iApps (with multiple addresses and contact photos etc...), from there you can use Missing Sync 5 and the iApps conduit to sync to your Treo and in theory have everything work together. Though I am unclear if e2sync syncs contact photos (for caller ID, maybe someone can are vague)

Anyone with these 2 applications and a Mac use this workflow?

Anyone have another workflow to get all (or at least most) of the Addressbook/Missing Sync features to work with entourage.

(Yes I have searched, yes I am aware of the Entourage scripts to AB and ical by Paul B., but it seems slow and clunky, but admittedly half the cost e2sync.)




Treo 650/Mac G4 17inch powerbook, OS 10.4.2/Entourage 2004/Datebook5