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    So I just bought a new 17" powerbook..pretty fancy if I do say so myself.
    A couple weeks ago, I got a TREO 650 and NEVER synced it..because it was too annoying with the USB cord connected to the old Ibook G3.

    Situation:Without understanding everything, I synced with isync conduit for address book and ical and with hotsync for everything else. Everything the palm website and Apple isync website told me to do. (via bluetooth)

    Problem: My contacts and calendar were overwritten by my Powerbook instead of "merging" all of the data together. I have no contacts and no address book now. This is a major problem and I dont know what to do.

    Any help please? I've looked all over this forum to no avail. I'm in a much more unstable emotional state than this posting reveals.

    I can be reached via AIM at mstar555 if that is easier.
    (trying to remain as calm as possible)
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    I meant calendar appointments. I have no idea what is going on for the rest of then week/month/year and I have no contacts. Luckily people will probably call me if I don't call them, but it's still annoying to have lost all of that data!
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    I'm not sure where to look on a Mac, but maybe that information was archived. See if you can figure out where the backup of your information is put when you hotsync. If nothing got backed up at all, you unfortunately are out of luck.

    In the future, I'd recommend doing a backup to a SD card. There are many applications available to accomplish this task, such as BackupMan, BackupBuddyVFS Professional, Resco Backup, Card Backup, and the list goes on.
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    Do you have any archived copy of you PIM on another computer, perhaps the older one from which you upgraded from? You don't have a backup copy somewhere, you might be out of luck. Sorry...
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