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    Since doing both a Zero Reset and subsequent hard resets then reinstalling all my apps one by one my 5-way doesn't want to work right away. 5 way does kick in after an app is running for a few minutes. ie. In Contacts, after several searches (using stylus) then it decides to work randomly.

    It works right after hard resets, but then after I've reinstalled apps, it quits. This only has happened since 1.17.
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    Why were you reinstalling apps one by one? To diagnose which one is behind this problem? At what point in the install process (assuming you're testing after each install) does the 5way quit working?
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    Mine started having problems with the 5 way navigating to the left. The right, up, down and center all work fine. I called Cingular after three days of this for a warranty replacement.

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