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    My amber LED keeps going on every minute it seems. This is causing my calls to go to voicemail. I think it is the Chattermail. Any ideas?
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    Sounds like one of the server's you're connected to is "noisy" (i.e. sending data every few minutes). If you send a log of 30 minutes' activity, I'll let you know. Logging instructions are in the FAQ at

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    I answered by PM; basically, you can't use more than 1 or 2 push mailboxes on CDMA phones without terrible battery life and loss of voice calls. You had 7.

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    ok, thanks. i was just using them to sync with server folders. the amber led still seems to be on way too much.
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    So send another log; I'm not sure what "too much" means though.

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    seems to be fixed...thanks

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