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    My treo600 is insured by best buy untill feb 06, for the most part it still works fine, but the vibration doesnt work, so there is no silent mode alert.
    I've lived with this for a while, but since my warrenty is nearing it's end I'm thiking of getting it fixed.

    The question is, do they still fix 600's or will they just give me a 650? If so I might do that, but if not I might not bother and just wait and buy a 650 in the spring when my renew discount will be 150.

    Anyone know? any chance they'll just give me a 650? Can I hope?
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    I don't know about right now, but in the spring I had issues with my 600 and the BB insurance. The store said that they can't help you at all anymore that you have to call the 1800 number. I called them and they sent me a refirb that had more minutes used on it and a dimmer screen than the one I had. I called them back again and the next one I received was still more minutes than mine, but the screen was about them same. The refirb only has a 30 day warrenty and the service plan is then canceled due it was "used" when they send you a new one. So if you want to take a chance on a so-so quality replacement give them a call. As for me it is the last time I will be buying their insurance. Good Luck

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