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    I use this website alot at work that uses Javascipt/Java. Does blazer have these capabilities? Also this site that I use at work, windows pop up which I need. Blazer doesnt allow popups it seems
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    Some Javascript is supported and no Java is supported.
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    Is it possible to see java in the future on this phone?
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    Java is supported just not as java applets in Blazer. It is possible to run standalone Java applications with additional software.
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    Hey Alex-

    Thanx for the replies. Can you tell me if java has anything to do with popup windows? The sie that I use, has this email program & when I want to write a new message a window pops up. That doesnt work on the 650.
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    Pop ups have nothing to do with Java. Typically that's done with Javascript, and my guess is that it's not supported by Blazer. Maybe you'd have better luck with a different browser like Xiino or Opera Mini (requires Java).
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    So I tried xiino. When I click on the link that supposed to make a popup window i get the following message in grey right ontop of the link:

    javascript: popnewmessagewindow

    what does that mean? popup window still isnt showing
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    It looks like it a javascript function that's not supported.
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    Damn. Wish you had better news for me

    So now I tried opera mini. When I launch the app I get the following error message:

    Please ensure that ibms websphere micro environment java vm is installed.

    Am I missing a file here?
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    Follow the link I provided in post #4.
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    hi, i searched the site for my problem but coudlnt find it. if its been discussed already then im sorry. always have been able to check hotmail and yahoo email on my treo 650. within the last month or 2, everytime i try to enter the site it says i have to enable java scripts. but i promise they are already enabled. i went through the setting many times and cant figure it out. i even had to do a total reset losing all the memory of my phone and it still does it. i would appreciate any help. thanks
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    Am being told by some sites (Palmgear now!) that my browser is not Javascript enabled... What's up?
    I did download Java Websphere a while back.. But did it on my 650 which probably is wrong.
    Please help this newby out!
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    Java and Javascript are different things .... Blazer supports Javascript - go into options and check you have it enabled.

    This being said, I often get the same error message -- my guess is the javascript support ain't 100%.
    - Wouter
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    Not all Java apps are supported. The ones supported are called java midlets. See this discussion:

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