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    Tomorrow I take delivery of a new iPaq running Window Mobile 5. Is there a way of exporting all my Treo 650 contacts from the Treo to the iPaq via bluetooth (other than one by one!). Ideally I'd also love to do the same with my calendar.
    Would be most grateful for any ideas...
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    Sync it with Outlook and then sync the wm device with outlook. Or export data from Palm Desktop into Outlook.
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    sorry - should have said I'm using a mac G5 with Entourage. My fault. Any other ideas?
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    Your best option might be to use The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile.
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    they don't offer support for WM5 yet. Neiher does pockets mac.
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    Jimmy, you could sync up to a friends Windows pc (trusted friend) and dump all your info into outlook, then sync up to your new ipaq. Be sure to delete contacts from friends machine after.

    BTW, which ipaq are you getting, the 6700?
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    rx1950. Just fancied something small with wifi - i ordered a new B&O/Samsung Serene mobile ( and will use the two together. My 650 is great but just too big for everyday use. Think you are right - my only option other than manual input...

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