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    Can someone please fill me in on what exactly Chattermail does? I am looking for a true "push" service with IMAP. Do they give you an email address? I am currently using hotmail and they don't support anything. I am willing to switch, just want to go with the best service I can find. Thanks.
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    Highly recommended...
    It is the most used program on my Treo.
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    I am planning on getting Chattermail. What exactly do I need to do to get a compatible IMAP account, can't do this with hotmail, right?
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    Try this link for a way to set your self up.
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    Go to the Chatter website (url in previous post) and sign up for;
    Special Offer - 6 Months IMAP Service FREE
    Addresses at, hosted by
    250MB storage, virus and spam protection!

    or sign up directly with (that's what I did before Marc "partnered" with them).
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