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    grabbed the datavista doc to go patch file but still have issues logging into webmail sites. get a java script time out error or bad link (for govt email). cannot get to my tampabay roadrunner email now either. both worked fine on the cingluar 650 I'm sending back. anyone found a fix yet?
    I'm able to log into this site on the pda without problem even though it appears to have the same 'enter password' layout as my webmail site.
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    Java is a challenge for most PDA surfing. I know there are tools out there, including a very confusing Java/Palm Devt Software kit that allows you to add profiles that wouldn't ordinarily be enabled, but that's over my head in terms of programming, truth be told.

    If it helps, the program I downloaded was called... looking it up... OH, it's Java Runtime Environment for PalmOS. Here's the link from
    Not sure if you've tried this yet, but I'm interested in other's progress before I delve into it as well. A solid Java fix for the Treo 650 would save me over $50/month in fees I have to pay to have online data delivered in PalmOS-friendly formatting that could otherwise be accessed with Java while surfing.
    Motor, please keep us posted & Others, please share.
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