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    I am trying to understand the licence that goes with downloaded PDA software. When you purchase physical media that is good for both Pocket PC and Palm, and it is the same price as downloaded software, why is it that the downloaded software only gets licence for one or the other? Specifically, Handmark software offers Warfare Inc for $30 for the CD or download. Yes the CD has both versions. When I emailed Handmark about switching from Pocket PC to Palm I was informed I had to pay half the cost of a new version ($15). Am I totally stupid to think that considering the CD has both versions, and that is is the same cost as the download, that I should be able to transfer my licence to my Palm for free?
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    Of course they should.

    Problem is it seems like most small developers have been bought by larger companies who are intent on making as much money as possible at the cost of product quality and customer service.

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