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    I have a new Cingular Treo 650 that I updated with the new Cingular update 1.17 software. It has 01.15 Firmware, Hardware A.

    When I look in the Info. for the phone (App, then Info) I see these items that I assume are associated with bluetooth eating up memory:

    Bluetooth 2K
    Bluetooth 78K
    Bluetooth Exchang 63K
    Bluetooth Library 239K
    BtCommVdrvLib 1K
    BtDeviceLibrary 10K
    BtHsmLib 43K
    BtStack 110KBtTransport 1K

    When I look in FileZ these are the only Bluetooth items that appear:

    Bluetooth Device (locked icon)3K
    BluetoothTrust (locked icon) 3.00K
    BtDeviceLibrary 31.00K
    BtDeviceLibrary 2.00K

    In Uninstall Manager (inder monitored items) this is all that shows up:

    BtManager 33K

    in ROM (110K):

    Question- is it normal for all this memory to be taken up with bluetooth, and is there a way to have bluetooth take up less memory?
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    The large files mentioned in your first list are ROM files and, as such, don't take up any RAM space.
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