Has anyone else been having issues with the IR port after the CNG FW 1.51, SW 1.17 upgrade? It appears they made some changes to the software that regulates the IR port. I don't know this for sure....only by my observations. For regular operations like Hotsync via the IR port or beaming files it is working OK. My NoviiRemote 2.6.1 has completely stopped working. It will still "learn" from other remotes (at least it says it does), but will not beam commands to the A/V devices (TV, VCR, DVD, etc). Also, I have the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard with driver 1.08 (the latest). It was working 100% before the upgrade and only sporadically now. You will be typing along and sometimes keys will work...sometimes they won't and you have to hit them a few times before the Treo registers the keystrokes. I know it is not a battery or hardware issue though because I use the same keyboard and driver with my Garmin iQue 3600 and it works 100%....every keystroke produces an action. These issues only started after the FW/SW upgrade. I do have to say that I am totally pleased with the rest of the changes from the upgrade....volume is much better, no crashes (knock on wood), and it seems to have better signal acquisition and reception for both voice and data. If I could just get this IR port issue resolved I'd totally happy. Who should I go to with this...Cingular or Palm (or both)? Has anyone else been having these issues? Any resolution suggestions? Thanks in advance